Package and add-ons

To accommodate as many clients as possible, we offer a variety of set up packages. Being an experienced tech-savvy entertainer, Boss Beats is always finding ways to give you the best experience with technology and budgets. We understand everyone has a different budget for their entertainment, so we want to be able to provide flexibility to accommodate those needs.   We have up to 4 different sound / light configurations to offer. With these packages, we offer many add-on’s in order to build a package to work in any situation. We have small to large set ups based on lighting and sound. We can consult and help you decide which package will work the best for your event.


Bronze : The Bronze package is a small two-speaker set up with a lit up booth to provide a subtle, pleasing environment. The bronze works best for smaller dance crowds with under 75 people. This package, like all the other packages, includes a wireless microphone for speeches. This package works best with small weddings, public speaking events, and small parties. Anywhere with strict noise restrictions will pair well to this package. 

Bronze Package : Purdue 2018

Silver : The Silver package has the sub-woofer and light fixture bar add-on’s together. With the additional sub-woofer, this system can push a volume and great sound quality to easily accommodate up to 150 guests. The light bar provides great dance floor effects for a 600 sq-ft area. This is our most-popular package!

Silver package : Purdue 2018

GoldThe Gold package contains an upgraded lighting system, and an additional sub-woofer. The lighting system contains  dual 6.5 ft totem trusses with spot fixtures on top. This also contains two derby fixtures for dance effects. The two spots make excellent dance floor, and areal lighting. This package works well for up to 300 people. Options to add additional totem trusses will be available in. Check it out!

May 2019
The Willow Creek Barn

Platinum : This is the biggest and best package we have to offer! The Platinum is the all out lighting and sound system combination we have to offer. This contains the dual sub-woofer, and large speaker set up. The lighting system contains a 13 ft truss with dance floor lighting. Fog and lasers are included with this set up to give a club-feel. We create an exuberant life like environment with this package. The crazy-bass add on is suggested with this for an all out experience!

Platinum Package with crazy bass add-on. Blanton House, Danville.


Outpost, uplighting

Our up-lighting package adds a nice touch to the room. We have 12 RGB par lights to surround the room. We have additional lights to add as well.

Make your centerpiece pop with the pin spot package. With the pin spots, we can accent anything in the room such as cake, letters, or any decorations. We set two pin spot fixtures per centerpiece to help eliminate shadows.

We can provide exuberant mono grams at your event. We can do any thing from a single letter to a colorful picture or words.

Our platinum or Gold package with the fog creates an exotic dance club-atmosphere for your event. We bring the dance floor to life with our excellent, well-synchronized light show. With the use of modern technology, we help connect the feeling of the music to the environment of the room to make your day or night an unforgettable experience.